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Flat Irons And Short Hair

Q: Am I the only one who notices a difference

when a stylist uses flat irons instead of curling
irons on short hair cuts?

By the time I get home my hair is sticking up and it was never like that with curling irons. Has my hair texture changed or is there a flat iron conspiracy?

A: O.k. to the writer of this post (you didn't leave your name) your comment made me laugh out loud!

I will side with you on the flat iron conspiracy theory!

I've always notice that short hair styles better and has much longer lasting curl when it's done with a curling iron (especially the type that works with the oven).

I'm guessing that because flat irons have become the norm these days that stylists are using it for every length and type of hair (and maybe they do just want to have you come back more often).

For me personally I think there are certain things tried and true that should be stuck to even if it's not "all the rage" to use it.

Fight the conspiracy sista! Next time you go demand that a curling iron be used. :)

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