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Flat Ironing Thick Natural Hair

Q: What is the best procedure to flat iron thick, medium length, natural hair?

Every time I try to do it myself I always get exhausted and give up in the middle of it. Plus, I can never get it straight unless someone else does it.

Any suggestions?

A: Hi there. With your hair being both thick and natural I'd strongly suggest that you wash your hair and condition it properly with a highly moisturizing conditioner.

Afterward, use a good blow drying creme and light leave in conditioner on your hair then blow dry it in small sections with a comb attachment on a medium setting (don't want to burn your hair).

If you have the time and skill you could also roller set your natural hair but pulling it very taut against the rollers and sitting under a bonnet until it's dry.

After either drying method, apply a light pressing oil to your hair and comb out and flat iron it in small sections with a ceramic iron working from the back to the front until the whole head is done.

Any way to take it the process is going to be long. But to get the best result you're going to need to use either a good roller set or blow out before you reach for the iron.

Hope this helps.

- Camille

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