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Finding The Right Shade Of Makeup Online

Finding The Right Shade Of Makeup Online

How do I select the right shade of foundation and concealer when shopping for makeup on line?

Camille's Answer:

This question is a tuffy.

I really don't recommend buying a foundation for the first time online because of course you have no way of trying it on to know if it's a match or not and that's the ONLY viable way to get the perfect one.

One thing you could try is looking for a section where they have picture of different people who are wearing the foundation and see who's complexion matches yours the closest.

But even that probably won't give you your best match.

Usually these websites will have sample sizes of their foundations so I would recommend you get some of those. A lot of the time it's free and you only have to pay shipping and handling.

If not, check out your local mall to see if they have a counter, try on the different shades there and if it's a better value to buy it online, go home and order there.

Hope this helps!

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