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Eyeshadow Tips And Colors?

(New York)

Question: Eyeshadow Tips And Colors?

Hi, I'm 18 years and I've been doing the same make-up look (which is gold-ish eye shadow, liquid liner and mascara) since freshman year of high school and now I'm a sophomore in college.

Lately, I've been getting pretty bored with the same old make-up regimen everyday even though a lot of people compliment me on how it looks.

1. I was just wondering what other eye shadow colors I can try besides gold for dark-skinned girls?

2. And also if are any colors I can use, is there a certain way that I have to apply it?

3. And also, what are some other make-up looks that I can try that really makes the eye stand out?

You guys are a big help!

Camille's Answer:

1. The only thing really stopping you from wearing any shade of eyeshadow is your like or dislike of a color.

You can wear ANY color you want, as long as you wear the right shade. Darker skin looks better in rich and vibrant shade that have golden undertones in them.

The best thing for you to do is invest in a high quality shadow pallet that has these vibrant shades and play around with them all to see which you like the most.

2. You can apply your eye shadow the same way all the time unless you're going for a different overall look. If all you want to do is change shades to co-ordinate or compliment your outfit there's nothing wrong with doing the same style over and over, but with different colors.

3. I'm getting ready to start posting pictures and tips for different eye makeup stay tuned!

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