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Eyebrow Stencil


Want to learn how to use an eyebrow stencil?

Do you have skimpy brows, want to make your brows look perfect or like trying new looks?

These stencils make your life much easier by providing a guide for you to fill in your eyebrows.

Even professional makeup artists use them to make sure to get a perfect brow every time.

You don't have to be a pro to learn how. If you can stay inside the lines you can get a killer eyebrow!

Printable Eyebrow Stencils

You can print these and cut out the shape with an exactor knife. Of course these stencils are for single use, but they're great for trying a new look without having to invest in a set just to find out you don't absolutely love it.

Plastic Eyebrow Stencils

This is the type that's most popular, easiest to use and are reusable. Be sure to clean them properly with rubbing alcohol before and after each use.

How To Use A Stencil For Eyebrows

You can use the stencils to do two things. Add eyebrows where there are none (or not enough). As a guide for shaping eyebrows that are too thick or have no particular shape.

Filling in Eyebrows With A Stencil

There are 3 easy steps to fill in eyebrows using a stencil.

  1. Position the stencil over the brow making sure it's lined up properly on your face for a natural shape.

  2. Using a brow powder and brush lightly fill in the stencil using up and away strokes. If you think the brow is still too light, go over it again lightly with the brow powder.

  3. Finish up by using a clear brow sealer (you can use clear mascara) to lock the brow shape and color in place all day long.

Shaping Eyebrows With A Stencil

Follow these steps to get a perfect eyebrow shape with a stencil.

  1. Choose your stencil. Unless you're going for a really different look, I suggest going with one that has a similar shape to your natural eyebrow.

  2. Brush your eyebrows up and away to reveal their true shape then position the stencil over the brow. Make sure the stencil is lined up in a natural position.

  3. Trace the shape of the stencil over your brow, or shade in the brow so that only the hairs you need to remove are left out (a white pencil works great for this).

  4. Carefully remove the stencil and start removing the hair from outside the outline using tweezers or wax (if you get down like that).

  5. Keep carefully removing the extra hairs until you have a clearly defined brow shape (don’t be afraid to put the stencil back and retrace if the line fades. You want it perfect!).

  6. Finish off by rubbing a cotton ball soaked with alcohol over the brow to disinfect the area. If the skin is a little red apply an ice pack to soothe and calm it.

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