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Eyebrow Grooming Tips For Black Women


Need tips for eyebrow grooming?

Did you know that keeping a neat eyebrow is one of the most important steps in your makeup beauty routine?

Even if you aren't a makeup diva you should definitely get into keeping your eyebrows neat and clean.

You don't have to get into waxing and plucking to have a nicely groomed brow either. The key is just to have them looking smooth and pulled together and not sticking out every which way.

Well kept eyebrows make you look gorgeous without any makeup at all! They give your face structure and make it look more balanced. Properly arched and groomed eyebrows open up your eyes making them look bright and youthful.

How To Groom Your Eyebrows

Here are the two eyebrow grooming steps to take yours from bushy to breathtaking.

  1. Use a brow brush to smooth them out by brushing upwards and outwards. If you do it that way it gives your eyebrow the most natural flow. Using a brow brush also gets extra powder and foundation out of your brow hairs.

  2. After you've brushed them properly you can set them by using a clear brow gel or clear mascara. That will help you to control the hairs and keep them from going where ever they please.

Simple Tips For Neat Eyebrows

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