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Expert Eye Makeup Techniques For Black Women

Want to learn expert eye makeup techniques to create countless different looks?

Imagine having the power to create any eye makeup look you can dream up!

By learning the right application techniques like shading, layering and blending you'll be totally in control of how the finished look comes together.

Here are the step by step expert eye makeup techniques for creating a gorgeous look.

  1. Apply concealer to dark circles under your eyes by patting it in back and forth from right under the inner corner of the eye extending out all the way to the outer corner. Keep patting it in until it seems to disappear into the skin.

  2. Apply foundation or eye shadow base to the lids of your eyes to help your color stay intact for longer times. Doing this also makes the colors you use show up as more vibrant.

  3. Use an eyebrow pencil or brow powder and a stiff angled brush to define your brows by lightly filling them in following the flow of the previously shaped eyebrow contours. This defines the shape of your whole face and really enhances the look of your eyes.

  4. Apply your eye shadow in layers starting with the lightest and ending with the darkest. This is where you can get creative with how you combine the colors and how you create the overall look for the eye.

  5. The most basic eye shadow application technique involves using a trio of coordinating colors.

    • Sweep the lightest color from the base of your eyelid all the way up to the brows.

    • Apply a medium shade right over your eyelid up to the crease.

    • Finally, apply the deepest shade into your crease to sculpt the shape of the eye.

  6. Blend the colors until you can't tell where one starts and the other stops. If you do this right you create a gorgeous rainbow-like effect to the eye.

  7. Next step is to apply liner to your eyes. You can either do just the top lid or both top and bottom depending on the finished effect you're going for.
    You can use a pencil liner, a liquid liner or your eye shadow with a damp tipped slanted brush to line your eyes. When you're finished clean up any mistakes with a cotton bud.

  8. For extra sparkle apply a light and shimmery highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes and the right on your brow bone. This helps to make your eyes really stand out and get attention!

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