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Eye Makeup for Blue Framed Glasses

by Clover

Q: Having recently purchased new Royal Blue framed glasses with hints of green on the undersides of the frame; I am enthusiastic about wearing complimentary eye make-up.

I would like to start with a nice eye pencil for defining my eyes. I am middle aged with greying hair, dark skin and am never without my glasses.

What eyeliner do you suggest?

Do I line upper lids only or lower lids as well?

Any suggestions for other eye make-up?

Your website is lovely; I await your reply.

A: Hi Clover. Thank you for the compliment. I think that based on the description you've given me I would go with a few different liners depending on the time of day and the occasion.

Chocolate Brown/Slate Grey - I think a regular neutral color eyeliner would look good with the frames for day time and to compliment when you don't want too much color.

Royal Blue/Plum/Deep Purple - I think these would work well for events where you want a more glamorous look.

I tend to use liner only on the top lid because it makes the eyes look bigger and brighter as well as distracting from any darkness under the eye.

Think about using complementary shade of mascara as well to make your eyes stand out ever more.

As for brand, I say get one that you already like and are familiar with. If you don't have a favourite brand try different things. Some of my favourite makeup products aren't the most expensive.

Lastly, I would say the other eye makeup tips that are very important are to keep your eyebrows shaped and groomed at all times and use a highlighting powder on your brow bone.

Your eyes will always look perfect that way.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon. :)

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