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Excessive Hair Shedding

by Nikki
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Q: I have noticed that for over a year now, my hair sheds excessively.

I make sure that I keep my ends clipped regularly and my stylist says that my hair is still healthy and not breaking, however when I comb my hair dry or even when blow drying, hair covers my sink and floors.

I have been checked for thyroid problems and everything was clear. I have tried strengthening conditioners but still no luck.

Please assist.

A: Hi there. Let me start out by saying that if your hair appears to be healthy, you get regular trims, do conditioning treatments and most importantly, your stylist has examined your hair and gives you a thumbs up you have nothing serious to worry about.

I know that many people have a larger than normal amount of shedding from time to time.

Hair has a growth cycle, and everyone's is different. Things like illness, nutrition and stress can affect the cycles and growth pattern.

The bottom line is though that once you notice a lot of shedding that's not related to illness it is temporary and soon enough you should see a reduction in it.

Are you taking a good multi-vitamin daily?

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