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Embarassed By Hair Breakage

by Edith J.
(Bronx, NY)

Q: I wear a very short cut and my hair grows rapidly except for the middle of my scalp.

It grows then breaks off, so my hair style looks flat in the middle. I had a physical and went to a trichologist and have no medical condition.

What can I do?

Can you suggest a half weave for just the middle?

A: Hi. I'm so sorry to hear about the breakage in the middle of your hair. It's a fact of life that very few people have the same quality hair all over their head and there are usually sections that grow very fast or don't grow fast enough.

Breakage in the middle is another common problem so you are definitely not alone.

Before you to dabbling in weave I would try really hard to give that patch of hair some TLC.

Breakage really has nothing to do with the scalp and everything to do with the hair itself.

It's weakened by products, combing, brushing and general age. The great thing though is by using a good protein and moisturizing conditioner regimen (maybe a couple hot oil treatments too) you can revitalize that patch of hair and make it much thicker, fuller and longer than it is now.

Check out this page on black hair breakage to see more of what I have to say on the topic. If you want some suggestions about what conditioners and moisturizers to try just hit me back up on this page.

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