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Dry brittle and lifeless hair

My hair has been lifeless and dry ever since my beautician did a razor cut on it and gave me highlights.

She said that it would take some of the volume out so that I would be able to see the layers. Now my hair will not hold a curl. It has no body and it's is dry and dull.

My ends are so frizzy. What can I do to restore the health of my hair? What styling products can I use so that my hair will shine and hold a curl?

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Say no razors and highlights on relaxed hair!
by: Anonymous

You can definitely repair your hair and bring the life back into it.

What you need to do is get started on a very intensive conditioning treatment regimen where you alternate protein conditioners, moisturizing deep conditioners and use a great leave in after each treatment.

What you?re trying to do is build strength back into your hair with the protein and add moisture and elasticity with the other conditioner.

Devoting 30 minutes to slather the conditioner on and go under a bonnet dryer to help the conditioner really penetrate your hair will work wonders for you.

Try Aphogee or Affirm 5-in-1 protein conditioner (read the instructions very carefully before you do the treatment or you could end up damaging your hair badly). For moisture I love Kera Care Humecto or LeKair Cholesterol.

The best routine to do is 3 moisturizing treatments to 1 protein treatment when you?re in the repair stage. When your hair is healthy again do 5 moisturizing treatments to 1 protein.

I?m not a big fan of razor cuts or highlighting on black textured hair because of the structure of our hair and the way it reacts to these things.

The razor tends to leave the end of the hair ragged and prone to weakness and breakage because the hairs aren?t even (hair that?s the same thickness for the entire length is stronger than hair with thinner areas).

When you put highlights over a relaxer you?re double processing your hair and that means super high damage, dryness and higher chances of breakage and the hair just having an overall frizzy look.

Blunt cut ends and one chemical process at a time are best for the strongest hair possible. So ditch the chemical highlights and get your ends blunt cut ASAP.

Think about trying to use tracks or a quick weave the next time you want to get funky with hair with colors and cuts.

That way you can do any style you want and when you?re done you just take it out. No damage to your hair!

P.S. I added this comment but forgot to put my name before I hit submit :) - Camille

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