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Dreadlock Hairstyles


Want to learn more about dreadlock hairstyles?

Dreadlocks mean different things to different people, but I bet you think they’'re absolutely beautiful! Was a dreadlock wearer for four years and I loved it! That says a lot considering I'’d been straightening my hair for fifteen years before that.

If you'’re interested in starting your own dreadlocks or just want to find ways to take care of the dreads you already have I'’m going to share everything I know with you right here!

There'’s a lot you can learn about dreadlocks like the different methods you can use to create them, how to style them and also how to take care of them properly so they always look great.

If you're new to the world of dreadlock hairstyles and want to dive in head first, the following tips will help start you off on your journey!

There are three main ways to start dreadlocks.

  1. Organically

  2. Also known as freeform or neglected dreads, these are the kind of dreads Bob Marley (see Jamaican dreadlocks) had and that most people think of when they hear the word ‘dreadlocks’. These are the easiest to start and (not) maintain and are considered the most natural dreadlocks.

  3. Manually

  4. These are the dreadlocks that most of us dread heads sport these days. They’'re started with a deliberate locking method and are maintained with that same method forever.There’s a good variety of manual locking methods you can use with each one creating a different finished look.

  5. Synthetically

  6. If you just want to be natty for a weekend, temporary dreadlocks are your best choice. Dreadlock extensions are put in with a process similar to braiding. If they're done properly, no one will be able to tell you haven't been growing them yourself for years.

You can always start your dreads yourself if you feel you can handle it, but for best results I recommend starting off with a visit to a professional loctician. They can help you decide which locking method would work best for your hair texture and lifestyle, which makes your life easier.

After you've been a few times and you're ready to take off the training wheels you can take over styling yourself if you're more of a hands on person.

How To Style Dreads

Once your dreads have been started and they gain some length it really gets fun. Finding new styles to try becomes a never ending adventure!

Dreadlock hairstyles are extremely versatile. You can wear them up, wear them down, curl them, crimp them and even color them. Whether your locks are home grown or synthetic you should be able to find some dreadlock hairstyles to make them look great!

Tips On Caring For Your Dreads

Taking care of your locks is very important. There's a stigma attached to dreadlocks that they're dirty and smelly and nothing could be further from the truth. Dreadlocks that are maintained properly are clean, smell fresh and are very neat.

Another common misconception is that if you have dreadlocks you can'’t wash your hair. This is also not true, and in fact dreads should be washed once a week to keep them and your scalp clean and feeling and smelling good.

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