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Do You Have Any Comb Recommendations?

by Erika
(Frisco, TX)

Bone Comb

Bone Comb

Q:Hi Camille,

What a great site! I just read your newsletter and (several other pages on your site) and I think you're doing a great job - I'm a fellow SBIer:) Keep up the good work.

I read your article on combs and wondered if you could recommend a specific brand of wide tooth bone combs. My daughter and I both need them.

Thanks for your help,


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Bone Comb Recommendations
by: Camille

Hey Erika!

Thanks for showing some love for the site. It’ll only get bigger and better as time goes on, and you’re always welcome to come hang out whenever you want. : )

Bone combs are amazing. I bought mine years ago I got them from but they don’t carry the bone combs anymore. I’ve looked around to find something similar and I see good ones in two places. has a brand called Aristocrat that has the three types of combs I recommend in the article.

You can also get it from but here’s a little tip if you decide to go with theirs. They sell for $4 less by the same company on Add the shipping and it comes up to less than the price at their main website!

If you’re really looking to shape up your hair you can look into some Denman brushes as well (paddle is best).

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