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Do Long Single Braids Damage Your Hair?

by Shayla
(Kingsland, GA)

Q: Do long single braids damage your hair? My hairdresser is telling me that braids damage hair, period, and that braids cause a "line of demarcation"? I don't know what that is. I've never heard of that until I starting getting my hair done by her.

Growing up I've always had braids in my hair and I've always thought that braids help hair to grow. My hair did in fact grow from braids. But she's telling me that I shouldn't get braids anymore.

Is it true? Do braids damage hair? I'm talking about the long Braids that go down to your booty.

A: Hi Shayla. I'm not following your new stylists logic either. Braids on their own do not damage hair.

I have also used braids at one point or another to help my hair grow and it works for thousands of women. The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes.

Major Braid Issues

Anyone who has suffered breakage and damage from braids you can bet your bottom dollar it was because of one of the following things.

1. The hair was already damaged before the braids were put in.

2. The braids were put in too tight.

3. They were left in too long.

4. The hair underneath wasn't being taken care of.

5 The take down process was done badly resulting in major breakage.

6. The hair wasn't properly conditioned before and after the braids were put in.

7. The braids were too small or too heavy for the sections of hair they were put on.

8. The hair was relaxed immediately before the braids were put in or immediately after they were taken out.

You can have great looking braids and great looking hair. It all depends on the care and consideration that goes into it.

BWBC Tip:I only know of one person who no matter what they try braids seem to damage their hair. Their hair is very fine though so I believe the person who was putting it in pulled too tight causing the hair to snap, crackle and pop under the pressure.

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Use Doo Gro
by: cece

When I have braids no matter if individuals or braided to the scalp I make sure to oil my scalp regularly with doo gro growth oil. It doesn't cost much and you can even use it for hot oil treatments.

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