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Damaged Relaxed Hair On A Ten Year Old

by Michelle
(Long Island, NY)

Q: My daughter went from shoulder length hair to short hair.

We were going to a salon ever 2 weeks for wash, conditioner, blow dry & about every 6 weeks touch up or new perm.

My daughters hair had become so short that no matter what was done it looked like a rag mop on her head.

Then I added box braids with hair. Let that stay in for about 1 1/2 months and took out.

Then permed, shampooed, conditioned, and wrapped at bedtime. Well now it's very very knotty doesn't even look like a perm was put in and again a hot mess.

What should I do to get her hair back to the length, conditioned and fullness that she previously had?

A: It sounds like you're having some serious issues with your daughters hair. It doesn't seem right that even after visiting the salon her hair looks damaged.

You might need to start over with her hair as it might indeed be damaged completely down to the roots.

If that's the case, no matter what you do the hair will not look right because it has lost all of its integrity.

I'd recommend that you keep your daughters hair braided, removing them and deep treating the hair with protein and moisture every 6-8 weeks.

When you take them out trim off the old dead hair and give the new hair a chance to become healthy, full and vibrant again.

Once her hair is back on track you can decide what will be best for her. Children sometimes can't handle their hair in an altered state and it might be best to keep her natural until she's older.

If you do decide to go the relaxer route again I would consult with another beautician about her hair before I go there again. Perhaps the strength or type of relaxer being used on her was wrong.

Look around at other people that have children with a lovely head of relaxed hair and get a consultation.

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