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Damaged Colored Hair

by Jessica
( NC)

Q: My hair has broke off were it has been colored. I'm assuming that it was over processed but now my hair is short in some places and long in others.

I would like to know what to do about repairing my hair and what styles are best to let my hair rest.

I would really like to get micro braids or a wig but don't wont to damage my hair more.

A: If you do a relaxer and color, then yes, it sounds like you're experiencing some serious damage right now.

I know how to take excellent care of my hair but no matter how many treatments I do the color and relaxer just do not work for me. Perhaps it's the same thing for you.

You can definitely help your hair to recover dramatically but first you have to get it stabilized again.

That means doing some intensive protein and moisturizing treatments.

A fantastic protein treatment for damaged hair is aphogee. The one that makes your hair get hard when you use it.

You have to be VERY careful to follow the instructions on the package very carefully though because if you use it the wrong way it could actually damage your hair more (some people feel safest getting it done at the salon).

If you can find a wig that you like that would be ideal for giving your hair a break since you'll be able to braid it back and keep it tucked away under the wig. You'll also be able to take the wig off twice a week and give your hair the treatments it deserves when you wash.

Please let me know what products you are currently using in your hair and I'll help you to design a regimen that will bring it back to life.

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daughter's thick hair
by: mo

Q: My daughter is 8 yrs,old she have thick course hair. Her hair breaks a lot, I don't know if I need to put a perm in her hair or what. I used good shampoo and condition in her hair, and I put a hot comb on her hair once a month. Do you think her hair breaks because it's so thick. Thank you, please respond

Camille's Answer:

Please don't put a relaxer in your daughters hair. She is young and her hair probably hasn't finished changing as yet (we don't have our final adult textured hair until you're 10-12 years old).

Her hair might be breaking because it needs more moisture.

- How often are you washing and conditioning her hair?
- Which conditioner are you using?
- Do you use a daily moisturizer/leave-in in her hair?
- How does she wear her hair on a daily basis?

If you can tell me these things we can figure out what's happening.

Thank you! NEW
by: Anonymous

I was searching the Internet for help to repair my damaged permed hair and I found the answer here. I am on the right track. I have purchased a few wigs to give my hair a rest and do a deep protein condition every two weeks.

Thank you!

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