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Cornrows How To Instructions and Tips


Looking for cornrows how to instructions and tips on how to braid cornrows?

Cornrows (also known as cane rows) are one of the oldest and most popular braid styles ever created.

It's so popular in fact that even though it's a traditionally black hair style, it's been adopted by many other ethnic groups.

These braids take the least amount of time to put in and take out and it's very easy to customize your own special look.

It's one of the few braiding techniques that you can get really creative with. With a little skill and imagination there's almost no limit to the looks you can do!

Let's look at how these braids are done and how you can keep them looking good.

How To Braid Cornrows Video Tutorial

Here's a short tutorial I made that you can watch to learn how to braid cornrows.

Cornrow Style and Care Tips

Here are some tips for styling and caring for your cornrows.

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