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Conditioner For Black Hair

Wondering what's the best conditioner for black hair?

Is your hair the healthiest it can be?

Is it soft, smooth, shiny and manageable?

If not, it needs a little therapy and treatment by way of a moisture rich conditioner.

Some hair types can get away with conditioning infrequently or not at all, but yours certainly can't!

Highly textured black hair is dry, and that means it's thirsty for moisture. That moisture can only come from water, but conditioners are what seal that water into the hair.

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What Do Conditioners Do?

So how does a conditioner really work? Conditioners put oils, moisture and proteins (depending on which one you use) back into your hair.

Your hair needs to be conditioned with each and every wash. No exceptions! (Trust me, it's for your own good). The type of conditioner you use on each wash day will change depending on what you hair needs at the time.

Different Conditioners For Your Needs

Hair conditioners work to add moisture and/or strength to the hair. They can do this with two separate conditioners or in one that's a combination treatment.

  1. Moisturizing Treatments

    • Restore the moisture balance of your hair, making it smooth and silky.

    • If your hair is dull, dry and unmanageable use a moisturizing treatment.

    • These can be instant, deep, hot oil or leave in treatments.

  2. Protein Treatments

    • Repair hair damage and protect the hair against any more.

    • If your hair is limp, weak or brittle use a protein and moisturizing conditioner.

    • A moisturizing treatment should always follow a protein treatment.

What's The Best Black Hair Conditioner?

If you're looking for some suggestions on the best conditioner for black hair, the short answer is that there is none.

Here's the more complete answer.

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