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Colouring And Perming At The Same Time

by Lola
(London, England)

I want to know when you say don't perm if you're going to color and vice versa if you mean that if you're going to perm your hair NEVER color it or just not at the same time. If so how long should you wait.

A: Hi Lola (cute name!).

I meant that if you have a relaxer you should never EVER put permanent color in your hair. If you do your hair will be double processed and over time it will dry out, become very damaged and start breaking off where the color was done.

If you do want a color over relaxed hair you should go with either a temporary color which gives your own color some richness and tone but washes out after 10-15 shampoos, or if you want highlights you should get weave tracks put in with the lighter color.

If you have natural hair then you can bleach or color it with little damage once you condition it and treat it right.

Color on top of perm, or perm of top of color is a big no-no and doing it is just begging for damage to happen.

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