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Can I wash my hair two days in a row?

by J.
(Stillwater, Oklahoma)

Q: I did a Aphogee protein pack because I was having breakage. It helped a great deal.

Unfortunately, I put a leave in treatment (another brand) after I did the moisturizing conditioner. I sat under a dryer for a while, and kept it wrapped over night with satin scarf.

The next day, I used a small portion (maybe dime size) of Biosilk and lightly flat ironed.

It is so dry its horrible. I want to wash it again, and kind of start over from scratch. Can I wash it again, the next day and use a leave in conditioner?

A: It's perfectly fine for your to wash your hair again after just one day.

Washing the hair in and of itself is never an issue. It's how you condition it and what you do afterward that counts.

Sometimes it happens where your hair feels perfect after a wash and condition until you put a certain new product you might be trying out in and the whole thing goes south.

The hair feels strange, tacky and you might even have problems running your fingers through it. I've had it happen to me before in the past.

The key to getting the hair feeling smooth again is washing it and going through the whole process again but leaving out the product that made things go wrong.

Once your hair feels dry NOTHING else but water will moisturize it. Oils can seal in moisture, but they don't moisturize...always keep that in mind.

On a different note, I'm so happy to hear that Aphogee is working well for you. I know in the past it's worked wonders on my hair.

Happy washing and please give an update after the second go.

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