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Breakage With Bulb At The End

Q: Please advise me. My hair is breaking at the root with the "bulb" at the end.

Does this mean the loss is permanent? What regimen do you recommend to jump start re-growth and to stop the breakage?

I've used horrible products that did not agree with my hair.

Ookisa follicle booster, shampoo and conditioner. HUGE mistake! Hair's falling out fast.

Please help! Thank you.

A: Hi, and I'm sorry for taking SO long to respond to this question.

I can put your mind at rest right away to tell you that if your hair has a bulb at the end of it it's not breaking but shedding from the root.

Shedding is 100% normal and something that everybody goes through. In fact you'll naturally shed hundreds of hair follicles a day.

Sometime because of illness, nutrition deficiencies or stress, we can see the number of shedding hairs increase.

If your physical, mental and emotional health are fine then you need to follow a healthy hair regimen to get and keep your hair as healthy as possible and prevent and breakage and excessive shedding.

You can find out how to construct a healthy hair plan here.

As for products, it's a trial and error situation. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

If you know someone who has the same hair type as you you can ask them what they use and try it for yourself.

Remember that trial size bottles are your best friend also and will keep you from having mountains of products around that you hate.

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