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Breakage and braids

by Danielle Foxx
(Dayton, Ohio)

If my hair is breaking off and it is all over my sink when I comb it. Would this be a good time to let it rest by getting it braided?

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Always start with healthy hair!
by: Camille

Getting braids if a great way to give your hair a break from everyday styling stress and everything else we do on a day to day basis.

Back in the day I used them a lot to “rest” my hair and also help it to grow (especially during the summer because who wants or has time to mess with their hair when the beach is calling?).

However, putting braids on damaged breaking hair is one of the worst things you could do.

When your hair is locked up in braids you can’t get to it with regular moisturizing treatments and deep conditioners and you’ll be down to bare bones of using braid spray and maybe a little light oils on your scalp.

That means that if you have weak hair to start out with and you put braids in for 6-12 weeks, when you take them down you’ll be greeted with even more damage!

The answer is to start an intensive moisturizing regimen (do I sound like a broken record or what?) to build up your hair before you put the braids in.

Once you’ve done this and your hair is stable again you can put the braids in and feel confident that when you take them out it will have grown and stayed healthy!

I recommend using protein, moisture and leave in conditioners. Alternate the protein and moisture treatments and use a leave in after each one.
Make sure you read instructions carefully before you use the protein conditioners and always do a moisture treatment right after your protein to keep your hair from getting brittle.

After you get the braids (not micros because they’ll just damage your hair more if it’s already in bad shape…stick to cornrows, tree or box braids) use a good spray like better braids and use a light oil or hair dress on your scalp. Top brass is great for keeping down the itches.

Another tip is that if you want to keep braiding your hair back to back, make sure you deep condition at least 4 times before you put the braids back into your hair.

Braids can be great for your hair but only if you start off with healthy hair to begin with!

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