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African American and Black Hair Twists


Black hair twists are a fast and simple hair style you can do by yourself at home.

They're perfect whether you have natural or relaxed hair.

A great thing about them is their staying power. If you do it properly the style can last a whole week (maybe even two!).

Here are simple steps on how to do a perfect twist.

What You Need

  1. Wash, condition, towel dry and coat your hair with leave in conditioner.

  2. Use your rat tail comb (or your fingers) to part out a section of hair as big or small as you want the twist to be.

  3. Take some of hair gel or hair butter and apply it to the section of hair you're going to twist.

  4. Take the section of hair and split it in two. Starting at the roots, begin to twist the two pieces of hair around each other (up and over) in a clockwise motion until you get to the ends.

  5. If the ends of don't stay together by themselves, use mini hair rods to secure them and make them curl up.

  6. Sit under a hooded dryer for 20-30 minutes to help the style set.

  7. Once the ends of your hair are dry, take out the mini rods and mist your hair with light oil for sheen.

Tips For A Perfect Twist Style

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