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Black Hair Growth Product Recommendations

What brand hair products are good to use to promote healthy hair growth?

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It's hard to say...
by: Camille


There are so many great hair products out there that if I start rattling off a list of the ones I like this message could go on forever. But guess what, that wouldn’t help you too much because these are products that work very well for me and might not do anything for you.

The key to finding products that will help your hair to grow are to think about what type of hair you have and what your particular problems are.
For example, I have medium fine hair that’s very thick and dry, so for me a like to use very deep moisturizing conditioning treatments and thick conditioners.

If you have very fine hair that’s not extremely dry and you used the same products as me it might weigh your hair down a lot and make it feel greasy.

What I can tell you is that you need to use these 5 types products to have a complete hair maintenance system.

- Moisturizing shampoo
- Moisturizing conditioner
- Protein conditioner
- Leave-in conditioner
- Daily moisturizing hairdress

Here's a tip. Go to a product website like and put in a search for products for the type of hair you have (ex. Products for thin, dry hair) and you’ll get a long list of products that you can read the reviews to see if anyone who has your hair type has had good results.

All that said, I’m bias towards keracare, mizani and carols daughter products.

I’ll be offering a free e-book in the next issue of Black Beauty Buzz! so if you sign up to have it delivered to your inbox you’ll get all the info you need.

Check it out…

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