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African American and Black Hair Care Tips

Want Black hair care tips, advice and simple solutions to problems?

If you can't take care of your hair properly or don't know how to keep it healthy and beautiful, learn these basic African American hair care tips to get healthy hair.

Black afro type ethnic hair is prone to dryness, frizz and roughness and needs lots of moisture, care and attention.

If you've wasted time and money on salons and hair health "experts" here's what you need to know.

Use these black hair care tips to properly care for yours and you'll see amazing results in a month or two. Soft, smooth and manageable tresses with less damage, breakage and split ends are a few weeks away.

African American and Black Hair Types

Knowing your hair type helps you choose the right shampoos, conditioners and treatments that moisturise and strengthen your hair properly and give you results.

The health of your relaxed or natural hair depends on the styling methods, tools and techniques you use to care for it every day. Use these tips and pictures to guide you to your hair type and solutions that will work best for it.

Healthy Hair Tips for Black Women

Gorgeous locks are result of using healthy products and styling techniques. Stay away from harsh detergents and other harsh ingredients. Focus on deep moisturising shampoos, conditioners, oils and treatments that help your hair shine, strengthen and give it elasticity.

Hair growth and health starts with getting vitamins through good nutrition. After that, develop and follow a healthy hair regimen to fix problems like rough, dry, frizzy, dull unmanageable hair.

How to Wash Black Hair

Do you always end up with a big pile of knots and tangles on wash day?

This tutorial walks you through the steps of how to properly shampoo, condition and dry your hair. Never be afraid to wash your hair again. Also find out how heat can actually repair rough damaged hair that's prone to dryness and breakage.

Healthy Black Hair Styling Techniques

Did you know you can wear styles for health and growth? Styling using specific methods can actually promote long healthy hair. Protective styles keep damage away by using less heat and cutting down on breakage from using hair styling tools.

This hairstyle method also helps keep it moisturised, split end free and helps it grow long by sealing the ends, which are dry and prone to breakage, with conditioner and oil.

Black and African American Hair Loss

Are thinning and balding temples a problem? Damage and breakage happen and get worse until one day your beautiful hair is dramatically thinner.

No matter the cause there are simple solutions available to stop and reverse hair loss and get back the thickness you had naturally.

Relaxed and Natural Hair Care

healthy-natural-black-hair black-and-african-american-hair-types
Natural Hair Relaxed Hair

Do you know how to care for hair treated with harsh chemicals to get the smooth and refined look? A Relaxer, curly perm or texturizer can cause serious damage if not used properly.

Having natural hair doesn't guarantee it's healthy. It takes special care and deep treatments for your delicate strands thrive.

Black and African American Kids Hair

Want advice and solutions on caring for your Black, biracial or multi-ethnic child's hair? Find out which products have ingredients that are safe and keep her hair beautiful, healthy and damage free.

Learn how to manage your child's nappy or curly hair with simple tips to properly moisturise nurture and protect your baby's crown and glory.

African American and Black Hair Care Tips Books

Want a handy resource for black hair care tips? Here are two very informative books on black hair care.

They're filled with FAQs, ideas and information and answers questions about care and style of highly textured hair. Read reviews and learn more below.

Want More Black Hair Care Tips?

Use these simple African American and Black hair care tips to start your healthy hair journey then continue by joining the Black Women Beauty Central Online Community!

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