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African American And Black Hair Braiding


Looking for tips on black hair braiding techniques?

Want to learn how to braid hair?

Braids are our official summer, maternity leave and bad hair day hairstyle all rolled into one (you know it's true!). It's for good reason too.

Aside from being very stylish, braids are a convenient, no hassle hairstyle that's pretty economical at the same time.

One thing I love about them is how versatile they are. You can switch up the look in terms of length, hair color, texture and you can even style braids into much more intricate hairstyles if they're singles.

Head to your local braider to get your braid fix or get brave and do them yourself. Let's discuss what you should know about creating and caring for braids and tips for the different techniques.

What Kind of Hair Can You Use For Braiding Black Hair?

The great thing about braids is the number of style options it gives you in terms of the hair you can use. Basically any hair that's avaiable you can use no matter what the curl pattern or color.

Here are a few quick tips to remember when choosing your hair for braiding.

  1. Always get hair that's labelled as 'bulk' hair. What this means is that the hair isn't attatched to a weft like it is for weaving. You'll want the loose hair to do your single or rowed braids.

    If the kind of hair you want to use is only sold on the weft, it's fine to cut the weft off and use it. You might just have to pay a little more for that hair but it's worth it to get what you want.

  2. Try to use hair with some texture in it. I tried using a very silky hair once and it wasn't a very good idea. The extension hair just slid right out of my own hair with the slightest tug. Using hair with some texture gets rid of that problem.

  3. If you want to be able to curl or flat iron your braids make sure to use human hair instead of synthetic. You can curl synthetic braid hair with hot water and perm rods but hot tools are a big no no. With human hair it's not an issue.

Black Hair Braiding Tips and Tutorials

Whether you use human or synthetic hair, your braids will always look good if they're done right.

Here are some tips and tutorials on how to choose your hair for braiding, how to create the actual braid styles, braid care and easy braid removal.

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