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Black Frizzy Permed Hair

Q: How can you reduce frizzing during the summer time?

A: Frizzy hair is caused by dryness. To keep your hair deflated and smoothed you should be washing at least every 3-5 days and using intensive moisture treatments in the form of:

- Deep conditioners (after shampooing)
- Leave-in conditioners (before styling)
- Daily moisturizing conditioners/hairdresses (day to day moisture)

Along with this you should make sure to sleep with your hair tied up in a silk or satin scarf at night to help maintain moisture. When you lie on a cotton pillow case it suck the moisture out of your hair and you end up with that horrible looking "bed head" and dried out hair.

One more thing that can help to control your frizz is a light coating of extra light gel like the one from "Let's Jam" you can also try a hair balm if you have thicker strands.

- Camille

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