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Beyonce Weave Hair Styles

Do you want to see pictures of Beyonce weave styles? Did you know that most of the time Beyonce doesn't really wear a weave? Can you imagine her having to sit down to get a new weave every other day? Her booty would fall asleep from sitting in her stylist chair that much!

So what does this busy entertainer, actress, wife and mother turn to? Lace front wigs and weaves!

In this picture Beyonce sports a natural looking weave. You can actually see the way it's parted to the side so her scalp shows and it falls naturally around her face.

To get your weave looking as natural as this you should always choose hair extensions that match your hair's color and texture as closely as you can.

That's the most important tip for getting a weave with star power!

Beyonce used splashes of color in her weave style in this picture. She uses platinum blonde tracks to give her whole head highlights that really brighten up her face and gives the style some extra spice!

In this Beyonce weave she uses a darker hair color and curls the hair so it falls in big cascading waves. This is that ‘Farrah Fawcett’ look that's been hot for a while now and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Beyonce looks like a bronze goddess in this lace front wig she wears in this picture. This honey blond hair style looks gorgeous with its voluminous curls and sexy tousled look.

Part of the beauty of lace front wigs is that you can style them like normal hair with flat irons and curling irons to get any look you want!

In this picture Beyonce sports another fabulous lace front wig. She wears this wheat colored wig long and parted in the middle with loose ringlets that flow down her shoulders gracefully.

Another great thing about lace fronts are how seamlessly they blend in with your hairline. Can you honestly even tell she's wearing a wig in this pic?!

This last Beyonce weave looks cute with a fun and flirty style. You can get this curly weave by using two packs of 18" wet n wavy weave hair.

If you mix two different shades of hair extensions like Beyonce does in this picture your style will have even more depth and dimension!

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