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Best Wet And Wavy Human Hair

by Tennysha
(New York )

Bijoux Premium Quality Wet And Wave Hair

Bijoux Premium Quality Wet And Wave Hair

Q: What is the best wet and wavy human hair to buy that won't mat up? I know remy is a good type to be but the price is no good. I want them for micro braids and I don't care about shedding. matting is my issue.

A: Hi Tennysha. The braid of wet and wavy hair I have personally used, love and always recommend is "Bijoux" premium quality beauty elements wet and wavy human hair.

It's very reasonably priced (about $15 a pack) and it's very low on shedding and completely tangle free.

Look around in your local beauty supply to see if you find it and if not check on the web.

This hair is really nice to work with and even after I was ready for my braids to come out the hair still looked great.

It has a good curl to it as well once it gets wet and it always goes back to how it originally looked.

Hope this helps and good luck!

- Camille

Comments for Best Wet And Wavy Human Hair

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Milky Way
by: Anonymous

i feel that milky way wet and wavy (which has super bulk on the packaging) is the best. i wash my micros and the curls come back with mouse and allowing the hair to air dry.

Where can I buy it?
by: Anonymous

Can you find this in St.Louis MO...if so where can I buy it?

Camille's Comments:

I don't know where you can get it offline but has a large selection of Milky Way Human Hair.

Wet And Wavy Hair Blending
by: Akida

My question is when you sew wet and wavy hair in when you get to the very top of your head how do you blend in your hair with the wet and wavy?

Camille's Comments:

Usually you get the hair to blend well by using some sort of curling technique on the hair that's exposed. Either a wet set with perm rods or using a curling iron with a barrel size the same diameter of the weave hair used will work well.

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