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Best Products To Maintain A Weaves Style

by Zabrina
(Houston, TX)

Q: I'd like to know what are the best products to use to maintain a weaved style?

I sew in my weave all the time and sometimes it is hard to keep it from untangling or from have the "new look" that it once had.

What is the best things to do and to use?

A: I would go with product lines that are designed specially for weave care. You should check out your local beauty supply store.

If you're using human hair, you could just use whatever you use for your own hair.

I think the secret to keeping your weave looking good has less to do with the actual products used and more to do with the styling methods used.

Try to go with a weave that's not too much different from your normal hair so it won't be a problem for you to style.

I also know that some weaves don't stand up well to a lot of washing and depending on which type you get you may want to keep washing to the absolute minimum.

Try using a toner like sea breeze and a cotton swab to keep your scalp fresh for as long as possible.

Sleeping with a silk or satin scarf over the weave hair will help to keep it intact as well and not dried out from sleeping on a cotton pillow case.

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