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Best Brand Of Wavy Hair

by Ashley
(New Orleans)

Q: What's the best brand of hair to buy when doing the wavy look.

Also, what do you put on it to make it shine?

A: This is a hard question to answer because I haven't had experience with every single line of hair that's out there.

My Favorite Brand Of Hair

I personally prefer the "Bijoux" brand of weave hair overall because it has a very natural look and feel to it and once you get the color right you can't really tell that it doesn't belong to the wearer.

That's been my experience though and that doesn't mean that brand will be right for you.

Your best bet is to head on down to the beauty supply/ hair store and spend a good half hour or more in there just looking at all the different hair until you find one that matches your natural texture and tone and that also has the wavy finish you're after.

How To Keep The Hair Shiny

As for keeping it shiny, you can either use sheen spray, gloss spray or gloss serum.

For weave styles I would stick to either the spray sheen or spray gloss because they are lighter going on than hair gloss can sometimes be sticky.

Good luck on your hair hunt and when you find something that works really well for you please be sure to tell us how it went.

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by: Anonymous

Bijoux is some good hair, but I can never really find in my local 'dallas' beauty supply stores and boy have I searched for it!

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