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Baby Soft Thin Natural Short Hair

by Leslie
(Houston, TX)

Q: I have baby soft thin natural hair and it wont hold anything no matter what I do to it. It gets frizzy as soon as moisture comes near it. Is there any thing I can buy to help me with this problem?

A: Hi Leslie. It sounds like you have hair like my aunts. It's like cotton, soft fluffy and always poofy shortly after she gets it done (and she has a relaxer!).

One thing that has helped her is keeping her hair trimmed. Split ends and unevenness at the ends make it thinner and less manageable.

You could benefit from building some structure and body back into your hair with protein conditioners followed up by light moisturizing conditioners. A good line to try is Aphogee (protein and moisture conditioners).

There are two ways you can style your hair also.

1. Sculpted - Slick it down with product and make it dry flat to keep the puffiness out.

2. Curled - I'm not sure how short your hair is but you could try to work with the fact that your hair is fine and prone to puffiness by wearing curly styles like rod sets or braid outs.

No matter which styling option you choose you're going to need some kind of setting lotion to help give your hair some structure.

Lottabody setting lotion and Kera Care Foam Wrap Lotion are awesome and you should be able to find them in any black beauty supply store.

Also, look for a styling balm that you can put on your hair before you style it. Check out the John Frieda Frizz Ease haircare line.

One last tip, when you set your hair and dry it (preferably under a hooded dryer to lock in the set) make sure it's completely dry. This will seal your hair's cuticle layer which helps the hair to hold the set and resist moisture at the same time.

Hope this helps!

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