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Advice On Choosing The Correct Makeup

by Erica
(Copperas Cove, Texas)

Advice on choosing the correct makeup.


I'm having trouble choosing makeup. I have dry skin, and I have to moisturize often.

I don't like liquid foundations, but I'm having trouble finding makeup for African American women with dry skin.

My skin tone is a tawny color, and my cheeks are darker than the rest of my face(unfortunately).

Any suggestions for this mess I'm in?

Camille's Answer:

Just how cute are you though? Girl you are gorgeous (your eyes and smile look like Tyra).

Before I even touch on the makeup topic let's talk about how you should prep your skin for the best result.


Use a gentle cleanser for your dry skin that won't dry it out even more.


Use a gentle exfoliant to get rid of any flakes you might have caused by the dryness.


If you haven't tried it yet get your hands on some Shea butter. That stuff makes your skin smooth as silk.

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It looks like it would be greasy in the container, but when you actually get it on it's heavenly and soaks in completely.

Use Primer

This is the secret to your foundation going on smooth, even and having a nice finish.

This is my favourite primer. It's cheap and it works like a charm.

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In fact the whole H20+ line is one worth looking into if you have dry skin.

Foundation For Dry Skin

The next best thing to liquid makeup for dry skin is creme stick foundation.

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It gives good coverage, has some moisture to it, but it can appear too heavy if you put on too much (unlike liquid foundation).

So what you need to do is, mix a little bit of the creme foundation with your favourite non-sparkly) face moisturizer and smooth it on with a sponge.

That will give you even coverage without looking mask like and give an extra boost to your skin's moisture levels.

Don't worry about your skin not being one uniform color (that's what makeup helps correct right?).

Just choose the foundation that's the same as the majority of your face and you'll be fine.

If you're still not sure, head on over to your mall's makeup counter for a free makeup session and they'll help you find your perfect match.

Hope this helps!

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