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African American and Black Beauty Tips

Welcome to your online resource for African American and Black beauty tips!

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These days, Black and African American women have more options in beauty products and styling techniques than ever before. With all the beauty tips for Black women you'd think there's no reason for us all not to have perfect hair, skin and makeup...or is there?

It can be hard finding beauty tips and products that work for your unique skin, hair and makeup needs. What happens if you just don't know which beauty products work, which ones to use or how to use them?

Find Black Beauty Tips Fast!

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That's where Black Women Beauty Central (BWBC) comes in. In this resource site, you'll find an ever growing collection of Black beauty tips, reviews, tutorials and advice created specifically for the needs of African American and Black women.

Here's an overview of some of the easy to use Black beauty tips you'll find on BWBC and how they can enhance your special ethnic beauty.

Black and African American Hair Care Tips, Reviews and Tutorials

Black and African American kinky, curly and wavy hair textures tend to be dry and have special care needs. If figuring out the best way to maintain and enhance your hair has always been a challenge, start in the Black hair care section of BWBC.

Here are some of the Black and African American hair care tips you'll find.

  • How to understand and care for your unique Black hair type.
  • Tips for selecting the best products based on ingredients listed, and how to measure your results.
  • Reviews of the best hair products and tools for African American and Black hair.
  • How to carefully create and follow a good healthy hair care regimen of washing, conditioning and maintaining your hair.
  • Shampoos and treatments for problems like itchy dry scalp and damaged black hair with shedding and breakage.
  • Black hair growth tips on how to grow long African American hair, and information on effective hair loss treatments.

Whether you're relaxed, transitioning or wear your natural hair you can learn black hair care tips that make your hair healthy, manageable and beautiful.

African American and Black Hair Styles Tips and Tutorials

Looking for the hottest black celebrity hair style trends? Want to learn how to style black hair? This section of BWBC has a hairstyle gallery with hundreds of black hairstyle pictures featuring different colors, textures and lengths to give you inspiration and ideas for your own face flattering styles.

Also, discover a collection of Black hair styling tutorials. Here are a few of the black hair styling techniques you'll learn.

  • How to blow dry and flat iron African American hair to a smooth silky finish.
  • Simple techniques for straightening and curling Black hair.
  • How to select hair extensions and how to install, care for and take down a weave.
  • How to braid Black and African American hair and maintain the style.
  • How to create and maintain perfect dreadlocks.

Get expert Black beauty tips on creating attractive hairstyles without a visit to the salon through detailed video and step by step picture instructions. Learning how to style black hair can save you bundles and can even help you earn money by doing other people's hair.

African American and Black Skin Care Tips Tutorials and Reviews

Black skin is amazing with a rainbow of complexions of distinct undertones and shades unique to people of African descent. To really bring out beauty in dark and brown skin it must be properly cared for and maintained.

Here are some of the Black beauty tips and ideas you'll find in this section of BWBC for transforming even the driest ashy blemished skin into, smooth, gorgeous, acne free even toned skin.

  • How to make homemade all natural skin care treatments.
  • How to create a simple face and body care routine for flawless results.
  • Find out which of the skin types you have and get tips for correcting oily or dry skin issues.
  • Effective acne treatments for Black and African American skin.
  • How to get rid of dark marks and skin discolorations.
  • How to lighten dark skin patches for glowing even toned skin.
  • How to eat, drink and supplement your diet for your healthiest skin.

You can get back the moisturized healthy looking skin you were born with fast using a combination of the right techniques and products regularly.

Professional Makeup Tips For Black and African American Women

Are you afraid of makeup? If you're desperately in need of black makeup application tips and advice this section of BWBC was created with you in mind. Learn makeup tricks, techniques and try makeup looks to bring out the best in your unique face shape, features and undertones.

Here is some of what you'll find in the makeup beauty tips section of Black Women Beauty Central.
  • How to choose and apply the right makeup shade so it blends seamlessly with your skin.
  • How to use colours and trends to have fun with makeup while enhancing your beauty at the same time.
  • Video lessons that teach you expert makeup application tips for beautiful lips and eyes with tutorials on how to apply lip liner, put on false eyelashes and fill in eyebrows.
  • How to use the power of highlight and shadow to create your perfect face.
  • Beauty icon secrets of your favorite Black celebrities and how to recreate their makeup looks.

Use the makeup beauty solutions, tips, tutorials, ideas and reviews and gain a new sense of confidence in your everyday and special occasion makeup skills.

Black Women Beauty Central Extra Special Features

To create the best Black beauty tips experience for you there are a few very useful extra features you'll find here at Black Women Beauty Central. Refer to this helpful icon key to understand each one.

  • FAQ pages with commonly asked questions where you can find answers and a solution to Black and African American hair care, skin care, hair styling and makeup issues.
  • Detailed product review and product comparison pages for African American and Black beauty products.
  • Special offers and hot coupons icon that takes you to money saving deals and discounts.
  • Video icons on pages that feature video tutorials, beauty tips videos or video reviews that show you 'how to' perform a technique or further explains a concept or product.
  • PDF download icon for free beauty worksheets, free beauty reports and free beauty product shopping guides.

What Happens Next?

These tips, tutorials, reviews and beauty secrets will help you whether you're a Black or African American woman of full, biracial or multi-ethnic background. Get started now and you'll be on your way to a style makeover that's fun while being user and budget friendly too.

Before you go on I'd like to invite you to join our online beauty community where you can start your own personal beauty journal, share stories, post pictures and comments, swap black beauty tips, get more beauty advice and find out when major updates are made to Black Women Beauty Central.

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Thanks for visiting! Remember to bookmark and come back often as our beauty tips are constantly being updated.


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